Looking proposal for my daughter only from Karachi
Gender: Female
Nov-1990 (real, not fake)
Marital status: single (never engaged or married)
Cast: Awan
Ethnicity: Punjab (born nd raised in Karachi)
Qualification: Masters in Economics & MBA in Finance both from Karachi UUniversity
Total family members: 5
Muslik: Sunni- Deoband (Follow Quran n Sunnah, No nazro nyaz)
Religious values: Regular in prayers and fast, wear hijab, focus on Halal, practicing Islam and balance between Deen and Dunya
She is soft spoken, humble, sincere and family oriented girl.
Practicing Islam and having good moral values
Minimum bachelors or higher
Urdu speaking or Punjabi families
Not doing job in banking, or insurance sector