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married couple second marriage law in pakistan 2021 marriage advice happy marriage

ضرورت رشتہ!🙋
لڑکی کی عمر: 28 سال “خوبصورت اور خوب سیرت”🧕
قد: 5 فٹ3 اِنچ
جاب :Govt Job
میٹریل سٹیس: سنگل
رہائش: لاھور
<شریف اور تعلیم یافتہ فیملی ھے۔دو بھائی اور ایک بہن ہے صرف۔ .
ذات: آرائیں
ریکوائرمینٹ: 👉🙋‍♀️
عمر: 29 سے35سال تک ہو۔
قد: 5;4 سے0؛6 تک ہو۔
تعلیم: MA, BSC یا کوئی بھی اچھی ڈگری ہو۔👨‍🎓
زات : کوئی بھی اچھی اور پڑھی لکھی شریف فیملی ہو۔
شہر: لاہور

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  1. AOA.Isaw on your youtube channel marriage proposal of Mba Lady who came from out of country Resident of Faisalabad.you did not tell her name
    kindlytell the name.Iam lawyer mainly work at Islamabad and Lahore Also ce yo Faisalabad Courts.I want to marry Second Lady because my wife Health is not good
    Want to marry this one and if any problem then with Lady Doctor or Lecturer .BUT I PREFER THIS MBA LADY RESIDENT OF FAISALABAD who live WITH mother and ceme from out of Country.I have two children and Both are married
    mostly I have to stay at Islamabad or Lahore.I can begin Law practice At Faisalabad if I get marry with this Lady.Hope for your kind call amd my meeting with this Family. My qualification is MA,LLB,LLM.DCLP.Advocate High Court.( office at Islamabad amd Lahore

    my wife Live with my son Ican come on your kind call any time .Thanks

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