Divorce And The Child Custody Evaluation2023

Divorce And The Child Custody Evaluation2023

Preparing for a child custody hearing can be nerve-wracking, but keeping these things in mind can set you on the right path to a successful child cust

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Preparing for a child custody hearing can be nerve-wracking, but keeping these things in mind can set you on the right path to a successful child custody hearing.

You should be friendly, honest, and forthright in your approach to opposing counsel. You should think of a psychological assessment like a job interview. You should never confide in a psychologist. If you do, it can be used against you later. Answer the questions in short, concise, direct sentences. Never give more information than you have to.

You should not say anything against the other parent and their family. Show that you know your children and know about their interests, hobbies, teachers, friends, their educational goals, etc. You should let the psychologist know about all the good qualities of your children. If the psychologist wants to know something negative about the other parent, you should simply narrate the incident with the facts and stop there, the psychologist has to draw a conclusion.

You should not make any allegations regarding any kind of abuse, such as physical, mental or sexual, until there is sufficient evidence for it. A psychologist can report to CYS for further investigation into child abuse, if you suspect child abuse then you should report to CYS instead of pressing charges as false allegations can damage your reputation and this case.

You will need to prepare for the interaction session, for this you can bring games, food, homework, anything that may seem appropriate, you should not stray from the destination, you should also make a list of doctors, temples or churches, etc. .

To stay mentally strong, cool and balanced, you should get a good night’s sleep. You should urgently pay the psychologist’s fees and try to impress him, because his report carries a lot of weight with the judge. In case the psychologist wanted more information, you can send the information along with a short note about it. You shouldn’t call a psychologist if he doesn’t want to.

You should showcase your children’s current needs instead of focusing on the other parent’s failings. Because a contested child custody case is never final, you can modify the case and the resulting custody plan at any time later.


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    1: Father-
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