Welcome to the chili canine of my desires! A thick, molten beef chili sauce, sluggish cooked for hours, designed to operate extra like a sauce so it smothers somewhat than operating all over the place. As for the grilled scorching canine? Skip a budget footy franks. Smoked sausages are the best way to go. Suppose – kranksy, bratwurst, half-smokes!

A cracking recipe for summer season BBQ’s, game-day, and simply if you want one thing severely moreish.

Freshly baked Chili dogs
There’s a sausage beneath there, someplace beneath all that cheese and chili sauce!!

THE chili sauce for warm canines….

It is a chili canine that’s impressed by the well-known Half-Smoke Chili Canine at Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington DC. It’s an establishment well-known for his or her chili which is served in numerous codecs – in a bowl, burgers, and chili canines.

The chili sauce used for the recent canines is completely different to the chili served in bowls. It’s noticeably thicker and smoother, and doesn’t have beans in it. Primarily, it’s like a thick sauce that stays on the recent canine higher than common chili so you may eat it along with your palms.

Pot of chili sauce for Chili dogs
A smoother chili sauce with wonderful “grains” of floor beef / beef mince, somewhat than chunks like bolognese or chili con carne, works greatest for chili canines. It’s the Ben’s Chili Bowl means!

I’ve all the time needed to copy the Ben’s chili sauce. I’ve had just a few makes an attempt through the years – certainly I simply have to sluggish prepare dinner for longer, longer! Nope, it simply didn’t have that very same “molten” texture.

The reply got here to me after I was making lentil soup: a partial blitz. Releases flavour, thickens the sauce, and makes it smoother too. This modified my chili-dog-game perpetually. Will it change yours too??

Ladling chili sauce over Chili dogs
Look how thick the chili sauce is! Good for staying IN your scorching canine.

Chili = American vs chilli = Australian/UK: Ordinarily, I write in Australian-English somewhat than Americanised English, as a result of I stay in Australia. Nevertheless, on condition that chili canines may be very a lot a beloved dish of the States, I’ve determined to respect the origins and use “chili” with one “l” all through this submit!

Components in chili canine

Alrighty, first up, what you might want to make the chili sauce for warm canines!

Components in chili sauce

The elements are not any completely different to my traditional chili con carne besides the ratios of the spices are a bit of completely different (extra!). And there are not any beans on this chili sauce so it’s smoother and sits in/on the recent canine higher.

Ingredients in Chili dogs
  • Beef mince / floor beef – Whereas this recipe will work with lean beef, it won’t have as a lot beefy flavour. As a result of a lot of the good beefy flavour we love is within the fats!

  • Beef bouillon dice (inventory dice) – Higher than salt! Provides extra flavour.

  • Onion & garlic – Important flavour bases.

  • Tomato paste and crushed tomato – For thickening and flavour of the sauce. By the point all of the spices are added in and it’s been sluggish cooked, you don’t actually style the tomato in any respect.

  • Capsicum/bell pepper – A conventional inclusion in chili.

Chili sauce spices

No uncommon gamers right here. All pantry necessities (right here’s my important spices checklist, in case you missed it!), the identical spices I exploit in my chilli con carne. Nevertheless, I exploit barely extra spices to present the sauce a stronger flavour as a result of much less sauce has to go additional when it’s utilized in a scorching canine bun in comparison with serving an enormous bowl of chili. Am I making sense?? Unsure I’m explaining that properly!

Ingredients in Chili dogs

There’s a good quantity of cayenne pepper on this to present the chili sauce a spicy kick, as is conventional. Be at liberty to dial it again. You may simply add it proper on the finish, little by little, tasting as you go.

Chili canine

For one of the best scorching canine of your life, skip the on a regular basis low cost scorching canines and go for German or different European smoked sausage (Austrian, Polish). You’re welcome!

Pan frying smoked sausages from chili dogs
Bockwurst smoked German sausages from an area German small-goods store, Brot & Wurst (Narrabeen, Sydney). Nice smokey flavour, properly seasoned sausage, a dream to eat with chili sauce.

Smoked sausages – higher than scorching canines! Chili canines are sometimes made with economical skinny scorching canines. Suppose – uniform pink color which might be 30 – 40% fillers. Tasty sufficient, when smothered in a selfmade chili sauce. However you may actually dial-up your scorching canine sport by utilizing good European smoked sausages – like kranksy’s, bockwurst, bratwurst, “continental franks”. Simply ask Ben’s Chili Bowl. Their well-known chili canines use sausages referred to as “half-smokes” that are a kind of smoked sausage.

Why European smoked sausages are higher – Extra meat, much less fillers, they’re seasoned with flavour, and fatter so that you get extra sausage! They’re smoked so they’re technically cooked however most are often grilled or pan fried earlier than serving. Makes them even tastier.

Discover them simply as of late:

  • Kranksy’s – a deli staple at massive supermarkets (Coles, Woolies – see right here on-line, Harris Farms). Get the smoked ones, should you can, however even un-smoked are 20x higher than the “footy franks”

  • Sausages in packets labelled “Continental Franks” or “Weiners”.

  • German deli – In case you are fortunate sufficient to have a German deli in your space, it’s value a go to since you’ll have a fair higher choice – and it’s onerous to go incorrect! Additionally, different European delis. The Polish and Austrians do wickedly good smoked sausages too.

  • The place I am going – Brot & Wurst in Narrabeen, Sydney, which is close to my residence. My favorite for chili canines are Bockwurst (pictured above). However all of the smoked sausages of theirs I’ve tried (most likely most) are nice!

Ingredients in Chili dogs
  • Sizzling canine buns – Search for tender, pillowy buns for the recent canines to nestle in.

  • Yellow mustard – Non-compulsory, I suppose! For me, a chili canine isn’t a chili canine with out a squirt of mustard. I exploit American mustard – 100% synthetic yellow color, 100% scorching canine genuine.

  • White onion – Non-compulsory! It is a direct copycat of the best way the chili canines are served at Ben’s Chili Bowl. A bit of sprinkle of finely chopped white onion brings a touch of freshness in amongst all that moorish, spicy, saucy goodness. I like to make use of white onion as a result of it’s not as sharp as brown onion. Purple onion may also work from a flavour perspective.

  • Cheese – A sprinkle of shredded cheese on a chili canine is pretty frequent apply however melting is just not. However, like good ole’ crispy shell beef tacos, melted cheese wins over un-melted cheese any day. So when you’ve got the choice to soften, why would you not?? (Bonus: Cheese melting oven time warms up the bun so that you don’t should do it beforehand plus offers all of the flavours an opportunity to meld collectively into one cohesive chili-dog-of-your-dreams!)

Methods to make chili canines

As I discussed earlier, the one factor that’s a bit of distinctive in regards to the chili sauce I make for chili canines is that it’s thicker, smoother and extra “molten” than the same old recipes you see which have bigger, chunkier beef bits in a runnier sauce. It’s because mine is designed to be just like the well-known Ben’s Chili Bowl chili sauce which is sort of a thick sauce that stays in the recent canine somewhat than slopping out all over the place after I take a (massive!) chunk!

The trick to attain this? A bit of blitz. Releases flavour and thickens the sauce.

1. The chili sauce

How to make Chili dogs
  1. Prepare dinner chili sauce – The chili sauce begins off like your on a regular basis chili con carne. Sauté onion, garlic and capsicum. Prepare dinner the meat till it’s browned, then stir the tomato paste for a minute to prepare dinner out the bitter uncooked flavour.

  2. Add every little thing else – Add all of the spices, canned tomato, beef inventory cubes (bouillon cubes), salt and water and provides it stir then carry it to a simmer.

  3. Sluggish prepare dinner 3 hours – Simmer on a extremely low warmth with the lid partially on. A cracked lid permits the sauce to scale back and thicken. Be certain the warmth is absolutely low and provides it a stir now and again to make sure the bottom doesn’t catch. Keep in mind – we’re making a sauce that’s thicker than typical chili con carne.

    It can be cooked within the oven (160°C / 325°F for 3 hours) or sluggish cooker (low for six to eight hours) – instructions included within the recipe.

    After 3 hours of sluggish cooking, the meat needs to be very tender. Yep, you’ll have to have a spoonful to test!

  4. Blitz to thicken and {smooth} – Take away 1 1/2 cups of the chili right into a container so the top of a stick blender will likely be submerged beneath the chili. Then blitz till {smooth} – it ought to solely take round 15 seconds on excessive. This can launch flavour and in addition thicken the sauce.

  5. Stir in – Return the pureed chili sauce into the pot and stir properly. As you stir, it is best to discover that the slow-cooked beef bits begin to fall-apart into actually wonderful items of beef to make a smooth-ish, virtually molten-like sauce.

    In case your beef doesn’t do that, it’s going to simply want a little bit of assist from a potato masher. Simply mash the meat straight within the pot till it turns into a reasonably wonderful texture, like pictured.

  6. Thick sauce – That is what your sauce ought to appear to be! Dollop-able however it mounds. Now you get to heap it in your scorching canine!

2. Assembling chili canines

Grill, stuff, smother, bake!

How to make Chili dogs
  1. Pan fry or grill your scorching canines / smoked sausages till browned and warmed by. Don’t fear if the pores and skin splits! Visually it doesn’t matter as a result of will probably be fully hidden by sauce.

  2. Mustard & onion – Add a squiggle of mustard then sprinkle with onion.

  3. Chili sauce – Smother with quantity of chili sauce. Respect the way it’s thick and stays on/within the scorching canine as an alternative of operating all over the place!

  4. Bake for 10 minutes – Prime with cheese then bake for 10 minutes simply to soften the cheese. Pull out of oven and begin getting enthusiastic about sinking your enamel into these chili canines!!!

Baked chili dogs fresh out of the oven
Chili dogs with potato crisps
This chili sauce is so thick you may REALLY smother the sausage! You may simply see it peeking out the underside of the bun. 🙂

When to make chili canines

A yard grill out, a gathering with pals. Sport day, dinner tonight, and, properly, simply anytime as a result of you may’t get darn-good chili canines in your space. That might be ME!!

In all seriousness although. An excellent smoked sausage, pan fried or grilled then tucked right into a tender bun is scrumptious as is.

Smother it with a thick layer of big-flavoured beef chili sauce, and also you’re properly in your solution to meals heaven.

Add a blanket of molten, gooey cheese and that, my pals, THAT is what meals desires are manufactured from.

I actually hope you strive these chili canines in the future. For us Aussies, chili canines are onerous to come back by and once we do discover them, all too usually they’re terribly disappointing. I promise this received’t disappoint! – Nagi x

PS So long as you give a budget footy franks a miss!

Watch easy methods to make it

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Freshly baked Chili dogs

Chili canines

Servings6 – 8 scorching canines

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. A pan-fried or BBQ sausage smothered in chili sauce in a scorching canine bun. Cracker of a recipe for summer season BBQ’s, gatherings with pals and game-day! My chili sauce is a copy-cat of the well-known Ben’s Chili Bowl half-smoke chili canines in Washington DC. Love how their boldly spiced chili sauce is thick and virtually “{smooth}”, so it stays within the scorching canine higher. I replicated this by blitzing the chili a bit. Releases flavour, thickens the sauce. Win!Additionally, skip a budget scorching canine “footy franks”. Do what Ben’s does – use smoked sausage.


My secret chili sauce spice combine (Word 1):


Chili sauce:

  • Sauté aromatics – Warmth oil over medium excessive in a heavy based mostly pot. Prepare dinner the onion, garlic and capsicum for 3 minutes.

  • Brown beef – Add beef and prepare dinner, breaking it up as you go, till you now not see uncooked meat. Add tomato paste and stir for 1 minute.

  • Sauce – Add the spices, tomato, water, crumbled beef dice and salt. Stir properly.

  • Sluggish prepare dinner 3 hours – Deliver the chili to a simmer then flip all the way down to low, on a small burner. Put the lid partially on (to permit for sauce discount). Simmer for 3 hours on low (objective: a small bubble now and again), stirring simply to make sure the bottom doesn’t catch. OR put it in a 160°C/325°F oven for 3 hours (lid partially cracked).

  • Sluggish cooker (Word 4) – Cut back water to three/4 cup. After chili involves a simmer on the range, switch every little thing to a sluggish cooker then prepare dinner on low for six to eight hours on low.

  • Thicken sauce – Take away 1 1/2 cups of the chili right into a container so the top of a stick blender will likely be submerged beneath the chili. Then blitz till {smooth} (~ 15 seconds). Stir into the sauce. The chili sauce needs to be a thick sauce that mounds up a bit if you scoop it, not runny. (Word 5) Hold sauce heat.

  • Non-compulsory relaxation in a single day – Permit the sauce to chill then refrigerate in a single day. As with most slow-cooked stewy issues, the flavour improves! Reheat on the range earlier than continuing.

Chili canines:

  • Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F (160°C fan).

  • Grill/pan-fry – Preheat a pan with 1/2 tbsp oil (or the BBQ) on medium / medium excessive. Brown the levels throughout till they’re heated by (they’re already cooked inside, it is nearly heating/color).

  • Assemble – Place scorching canine buns on a tray. Stuff with a sausage, high with a squiggle of mustard and a sprinkle of onion. Spoon over a beneficiant quantity of heat chili sauce, high with cheese.

  • Bake for 7 minutes or till the cheese is melted. Serve instantly. Historically with a mound of plain crinkle reduce potato chips and an ice chilly beer!

Recipe Notes:

Servings word: Recipe realistically makes sufficient chili sauce for 8 scorching canines. However I simply don’t know the way massive your buns will likely be so favor to err on the facet of warning. No one needs to expire of chili sauce!

1. Spice combine subs/notes:

  • Garlic powder and onion powder will be substituted with extra of the opposite.
  • Cayenne pepper supplies the spiciness (chili sauce is SUPPOSED to be a bit spicy!). This quantity received’t blow your head off however should you’re involved, maintain some (or all) of it again and add proper on the finish, little by little.
  • Mustard powder – sub 1 tsp dijon mustard

2. Beef bouillon cubes / inventory cubes have extra flavour than plain salt. 
3. Smoked sausages are my desire over economical scorching canines / “footy franks” – excessive proportion of fillers! Concept swiped from Ben’s Chili Bowl, they use half-smokes (well-known Washington smoked sausages).
I exploit: smoked kransky’s, bratwurst, bockwurst, “smoked wiener” or “continental franks”. Accessible at German and different European outlets, and enormous supermarkets (Australia). Even the frequent un-smoked kransky offered at most grocery store deli’s is means higher than a budget scorching canines! Love my native German small-goods store, Brot & Wurst (Narrabeen, Sydney), their Bockwurst is my favorite for chili canines.
4. Sluggish cooker word – Whereas this recipe will work wonderful in a sluggish cooker, you simply don’t get the identical caramelisation across the edges on the floor of the chili such as you do with range and oven cooking, which provides to flavour. I’d say it’s 95% nearly as good in a sluggish cooker! Oven and range are simply nearly as good.
5. Sauce – In case your sauce isn’t as thick as mine, simply depart it on the range on low, stirring repeatedly, till it reduces and thickens.

Vitamin Data:

Energy: 761cal (38%)Carbohydrates: 34g (11%)Protein: 39g (78%)Fats: 52g (80%)Saturated Fats: 21g (131%)Polyunsaturated Fats: 4gMonounsaturated Fats: 23gTrans Fats: 1gLdl cholesterol: 142mg (47%)Sodium: 1458mg (63%)Potassium: 883mg (25%)Fiber: 4g (17%)Sugar: 8g (9%)Vitamin A: 1442IU (29%)Vitamin C: 22mg (27%)Calcium: 432mg (43%)Iron: 6mg (33%)

Lifetime of Dozer

I discover it fairly amusing that he can spend hours within the pool or on the seashore and his furry golden head stays fluffy and dry whereas the remainder of him is saturated.

Then I realised I do the identical factor. Typically a lady simply doesn’t need to destroy her hair, y’a know? 😂